Domain renewal scams

Some of my domains are coming up for renewal, right on cue the scam letters start arriving in the post. The scammers trawl whois information and send out demands for “renewal” to unsuspecting domain users. Send enough of them and somebody, somewhere will pay up.

Domain renewal scam

They’re getting pretty sophisticated compared to the ones from previous years, an accounts department could be easily tricked into paying them.

From the desk of Mrs Maureen Haughey…

Normally these things are two-a-penny and I don’t pay too much attention to them, however
there is a 419 scam doing the rounds at the moment that can’t have any other purpose than to

…The Irish government thinks it can shave and reduce me to a poor widow but I have the winning ace.A few years ago, when we weren’t sure if my Charlie would be convicted, he kept some money in trust for me in a Security and Finance company. He did not open the account in our names so it will not be traced to us to enable the past remain the past. The name on the account is Cedric de Vregille. I never thought Charlie would leave me so soon and it never occurred to me to ask if this name were fictitious or not or a name of any of his friends. I have tried to find this man but to no avail. The amount he deposited in this name is 30,000,000 (Thirty Million Euros)…

Read the full thing here.