Rong-En Fan mentioned the recently added www/nspluginwrapper port in his blog. It’s a compatibility layer for Firefox/Netscape that lets you use Linux plugins such as Adobe Flash, Acrobat natively.

I installed the port and ran

nspluginwrapper -ai

…which picked up plugins I had installed previously, adding them to my ~/.mozilla/plugins directory. A quick restart of Firefox and an about:plugins showed I now had Flash (7) and Acrobat available. I was then able to view all those – previously annoying – Flash-based sites as normal. Nice!

Flash was previously available through the linuxpluginwrapper port, however the Flash plugin was withdrawn due to licensing issues. I’d written up a page a number of years ago describing the old method for getting Flash etc.. to work in FreeBSD, guess it’s time to update that :)

If you’re an opera user, Linux plugin support has also been available for a while through the opera-linuxplugins port.